Stare Into Natalia Kills’ “Mirrors” Video

Robbie Daw | December 2, 2010 12:51 pm

We’re pretty sure Edgar Allan Poe would have approved of dark pop songstress Natalia Kills’ reading of his classic poem “The Raven”. And he’d probably be equally tickled over her creepy video for “Mirrors”, which you can watch after the jump—if you dare. When we first heard “Mirrors” over the summer, the slinky synth jam struck us with its provocative lyrics: “Turning the lights out, tighten the handcuffs and the mirror’s gonna fog tonight.”

But upon watching the cinematic video, which was co-directed by Kills and her Love, Kills xx collaborator “G”, there’s suddenly a whole new (pardon the pun) dimension to the dancefloor-ready tune.

First deadly beauty Natalia succumbs to a vanity as she’s dragged into a mirror in a dark room. Next we find her writhing on top of a glass case containing a handsome gent in a suit. Natalia’s holding an axe, and the guy looks sort of like Rob Lowe. (Is the fact that he’s holding a camera and making some sort of sketchy home movie just a coincidence, then?)

Well, if you didn’t already know that loving-up Ms. Kills was going to be a kinky affair after lyrics like “I’m gonna make tonight a show, make your love grenade explode”, then this video ought to give some indication.

Alright, we’ll be down the hall and staring in the mirror, wishing we had a fuzzy coat and fantastic heels like Natalia.