Lupe Fiasco Sheds Light on ‘Lasers’ In Frank Interview

Idolator Staff | December 3, 2010 5:42 pm

Lupe Fiasco seems like he’s gearing up for a very big 2011 — including the eagerly awaited Lasers album, more clever videos, and a possible Child Rebel Soldier collaboration with longtime friend Kanye West. But that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten all about the creative and business battles that left his new music in limbo. In an unusually revealing interview with RubyHornet, Lupe says that even though Lasers has a release date now, the lengthy war over the album left him with mixed feelings. Why? “I know the pain that it went through,” he says. Ouch. Watch the whole clip below.

Time (and hit records) heal all wounds, so perhaps the bitterness that lingers around Lasers will dissipate by the time it reaches shops next March. We’re going to play “The Show Goes On” and keep our fingers crossed.

[Via RubyHornet]