‘American Idol’ Promos Give Us A Preview Of Jennier Lopez’s Judging Ability

Becky Bain | December 7, 2010 4:27 pm

Though American Idol fanatics (both enthusiastic and begrudging) may whine and moan about the mediocrity and general meh-ness of Season 9 – us included – we can’t help but get revved up for the tenth season of the singing competition after watching two new promos. Even if we wind up with another winner whose record debuts with a whimper instead of a bang, it’s all about the exciting journey of finding him or her, isn’t it? Okay, then at least watching Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez interact should be entertaining enough to tune in. (We hope so, anyway.) Watch two new promos below.

“You’re so sweet!” exclaims Lopez upon hearing a contestant say that she’s standing in front of all her personal idols. “She’s through, I don’t need to hear a thing!” Way to accurately judge somebody on their singing ability, J-Lo!
And here’s one more, focusing on the contestants (and featuring Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”):
We know it’s all hip and cool to rag on American Idol while it seems to have plateaued, but be honest: are you excited (or at least curious) to tune into the tweaked Season 10 this January?