Best Music 2010: Adam Lambert Picks His Favorite Song And Album Of The Year

Becky Bain | December 8, 2010 12:35 pm

We all know what the critics thought of this year’s crop of tunes — but what about the artists who helped shape the sound of 2010? As a special holiday treat to you, we’ve picked a special class of singers, musicians and groups — artists we consider among the most creative emerging stars in pop — to participate in our special year-end feature, exclusively sharing with us their reflections on the albums, songs and performers that made their year really… pop. And in many cases, their answers were surprising.

Kicking off our series is the dazzling Adam Lambert, who selected an album and song from the same magnetic singer-songwriter… one who can confidently say that 2010 was one of the biggest years of her career. Jump below to find whose music had the biggest impact on Glambert the last twelve months.

Though we’re very aware the high-energy Lambert has a softer side — he is Grammy-nominated for his gorgeous performance of the pleading pop rock ballad, “Whataya Want From Me” — we assumed his favorite tune of 2010 would be something to make you strut on the dancefloor. But it was the heartfelt singer-songwriter Sia who nabbed the double honor of creating Adam’s favorite album and song.

Sia has had quite a year — she released her fourth album, We Are Born, to favorable reviews, entertained the masses at Coachella, and was responsible for penning some of the more enjoyable tracks on Christina Aguilera’s Bionic and the Burlesque soundtrack. So it’s no wonder people are taking notice of the Aussie chanteuse more than ever before. (Hopefully that keeps her from following through with the career switch she discussed a few months ago.)

And maybe it’s not so surprising after all that Adam picked this phenomenal performer’s music as his favorite, since both artists possess fun, quirky personalities, have a penchant for dressing creatively, and are blessed with incredible talent. But we’ll let Adam explain in his own words why Sia’s music moved him the most in 2010.

Adam Lambert: I have always been a big fan of Sia’s songwriting and voice and I think this year’s release of We Are Born showcases some of her best work yet.

Her songwriting resonates with me and as a listener; I begin to really believe she is letting me into her music, her words and her thoughts. Her lyrics are so genuine, truthful and exposed and I really respect that in any artist.

Not only are her lyrics exposed for us to feel but so is her voice. It too, is so revealed, raw and cuts right to my heart. One thing that is so special is you can hear every texture of her voice, every breath, which then again, helps support that she really makes me not only believe, but also FEEL what she is singing. This can get lost when recording an album, but she does such a good job letting that come through in her recordings.

More specifically to Sia’s album, is that in the song, “Be Good To Me”. Here in this song, she really lets us in. The riff she sings after the first phrase of the vocal is divine. Her voice really sails into a timber full of sympathetic vibration and rich overtones. These are one of her magical moments that give you goose bumps.

No matter whom “he” is that she refers to in the first line, she leaves up to you to decide. I personally took it from a love relationship perspective and felt what she had to say. In the lyric, “There is sweetness after hurt….” really shows that anytime anyone goes through a breakup, or a loss, or just plain hurt, it may take time, but you always seem to find the sweetness after all of it is done and the healing has passed. This lyric is one that a lot of people need to take the time to learn about and as it took me awhile to figure that out, it is always good to remind myself of this when I am hurting. It helps me get through any healing process. Another lyric she states, “My heart is filled, revealed…” shows exactly what I love about her work. She puts her heart out there for all to hear, see and judge. She is saying this not only to “he” but also to her listeners, that she is exposing herself to us in such an intimate way. She is really speaking to anyone who wants to listen. Sia’s work is by far some of the best. I will always be a fan and really look forward to any future work she shares with the world. * * * Keep tuning in to Idolator all month long to find out what other pop acts picked as the year’s best in music!