Diddy Promotes His Album, Tours Broadway, Stops For Ice Cream

Becky Bain | December 8, 2010 3:38 pm

Diddy spent the last year and a half in Los Angeles recording his album, but now the rapper-producer-mogul is happy to be back in his hometown of New York. In a new video clip, Diddy promotes his album Last Train To Paris while giving us a tour around what he refers to as “his block” — Broadway. (Hey, he did star on B’way back in 2004 while performing in A Raisin In The Sun!) He also shows off his swag, accosts unsuspecting people on the street, and even though it’s freezing, stops for some ice cream. Jump below to watch Diddy become that crazy, screaming guy on the street you try to avoid.

We don’t know which is the best part — Diddy forcing unwilling passersby to repeat that New York City is his town and promote his album for him, the rapper forking over two handfuls of cash for a double vanilla cone, or his giant, fluffy hat.

[World Star Hip-Hop]