Watch Justin Bieber’s ’10 Most Fascinating People’ Interview With Barbara Walters

Robbie Daw | December 10, 2010 8:57 am

Naturally, Season 10 American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez wasn’t the only one who sat down with Barbara Walters for her year-end 10 Most Fascinating People special. Teen Jingle Ball heartthrob Justin Bieber also shared some face time with the veteran TV journalist. Head below to hear The Bieb talk about being grounded by his mom and how he plans to maintain longevity in his skyrocketing career. First, the true shocker for all Beliebers, regarding Justin’s hair: “I’m gonna cut it probably soon.”

Collect yourselves, readers, because next Babs goes for the hard-hitting questions, like what Bieber’s mom does to him when he’s grounded. “She’ll take my computer or my phones—you know, stuff that I really like,” Justin says.

He later adds, “I’m like, Ma, I’m not like a little baby anymore. I’m 16. I’m not like a grownup by any means, but I’m 16. She’s scared that I’m growing up.” Bieber next tells Walters he doesn’t have a girlfriend, despite recent snaps that showed him kissing Jasmine V in the backseat of a car.

So what’s his plan for staying on top of the pop game over the next 10 years? Watch and learn in fascination.