Miranda Cosgrove Is “Dancing Crazy” On Her Avril Lavigne-Written Track

Becky Bain | December 14, 2010 10:30 am

While Justin Bieber has teamed up with other underage sensation, Willow Smith, Miranda Cosgrove will be hitting the road with 13-year old wunderkind Greyson Chance on a 21-city tour across North America. (Teen power — and fanbases — unite!) They’re calling it the Dancing Crazy tour, named after Miranda’s bouncy new track. It’s produced by the almighty Max Martin, and written by Martin, Shellback, and Avril Lavigne (who also co-wrote the song “Daydream” on Cosgrove’s debut LP, Sparks Fly). Can the iCarly actress let loose? Give “Dancing Crazy” a listen below.

[wpaudio url=”//idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/SFTS-SFTS_Dancing_Crazy_4071031.mp3″ text=”Miranda Cosgrove – Dancing Crazy” dl=”0″] Poppy! Fun! Kinda 80s Bananarama-ish! The “You! Me! In the spotlight!” bit in particular sounds like “Girlfriend”-esque Avril, not to mention the low-key guitar on the bridge. We’re guessing this tune didn’t make the cut of Lavigne’s upcoming album Goodbye Lullaby and Miranda snatched up her scraps. Still, even as leftovers, it’s a pretty tasty track and much like she did with Ke$ha’s “Disgusting“, Miranda can pull it off. For a song called “Dancing Crazy”, though, a bit more musical lunacy — or maybe one extra beat speeding it along — would have been nice to elevate it to something resembling insanity. Check out when Miranda and Greyson will be dancing relatively crazy through your town here.