Greyson Chance Is A Piano Man — Er, Boy In His Video “Waiting Outside The Lines”

Becky Bain | December 14, 2010 11:15 am

It’s hard to think of anyone having a bigger year than Greyson Chance. In the span of eight months, the 13-year old singer-pianist went from performing pop hits at his school to having the third most-watched video of 2010 on YouTube and becoming a bona fide recording artist. Now Greyson is about to hit the road for the first time, supporting Miranda Cosgrove on her Dancing Crazy tour, and he just dropped the video for his debut single, “Waiting Outside The Lines“, in which he sings, plays piano, and makes a crowd of girls swoon. Not bad for a kid barely in the midst of puberty. Watch below.

Greyson Chance – “Waiting Outside The Lines”

We think Greyson is insanely talented, but we continue to think waiting a few more months — heck, why not a full year! — for the kid to work on his craft and get used to the demands of being a recording artist would have been a better move than ushering out an album as soon as possible. Then again, Susan Boyle had a similar instant explosion of success thanks to YouTube, shot out an album, and controlled the charts for weeks without much incident, so who knows?

And hey, just because he’s a newbie in the music scene, it doesn’t mean Greyson’s videos can’t have the same copious amounts of product placement as his peers’ vids! Although the Beats By Dre headphones the adoring female fan wears as she stands agape over Greyson is obvious (and much too expensive for a little girl to own — $229!), it’s not entirely distracting. Unlike the laughable close-up of a bottle of Flav water, held by held by the hand of a man whose face we have not seen nor will ever see:

What do you think of Greyson’s first official video? Does it make you crave peach-flavored water?