Natalia Kills Beats Faster With Her “Activate My Heart” Video

Idolator Staff | December 19, 2010 10:27 am

While it may not be as spooky or cinematic as her video for “Mirrors”, it should come as no surprise that Natalia Kills’ latest visual offering is edgy, foreboding, and more than a little disorienting. (In other words, we don’t see her doing the likes of Rihanna’s “Who’s That Chick” any time soon.) As best we can tell, the enigmatic “Activate My Heart” video is all about voyeurism, so why not take a peek right here?

Between shots of Natalia bathed in sinister red light wearing some funky eyewear, “Activate My Heart” features a lot of flicker, fuzziness, and distortion (as well as some nods to the symmetrical effects in the “Mirrors” vid). There’s not much of a story here – in fact, the effects often make it hard to tell exactly what is going on – but “Activate My Heart” fits right in with the moody Edgar Allan Poe fan’s dark, sexy, dangerous aesthetic. With a touch of a voyeuristic S&M vibe, the vid manages to simultaneously turn us on and creep us out, like we accidentally wandered into the secret back section of a seedy video store.

The strobe effect is also a little reminiscent of the movie Poltergeist. We’d tell Natalia to run to the light, but given what we’ve seen of her so far, we don’t think that’s very likely.