Former ‘Idol’ Winners Share Experiences On ‘Welcome Home’ Special

Becky Bain | December 21, 2010 5:19 pm

Welcome Home, a documentary following the winners of American Idol, popped up over the weekend without much fanfare — and even stranger, the Fox-approved doc isn’t drowning in cheesiness (or Coca-Cola and Ford product placement). The half-hour special features interviews with all nine Idol winners, from Kelly Clarkson to Lee DeWyze, as well as their parents, siblings and grade school music teachers. It’s an interesting look into the process of auditioning for the competition, surviving it, and managing your career once you’ve won it. Jump below for the full vid.

Ah, we’re feeling nostalgic. Also, we miss the sweet, humble, adorable David Cook. David Cook, do something again! Release that sophomore album already!

Let’s see if Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler can find some worthy winners as the show heads into its game-changing 10th season.