Check Out Avril Lavigne’s ‘Goodbye Lullaby’ Track Listing

Becky Bain | December 21, 2010 4:35 pm

On Avril Lavigne’s forthcoming Goodbye Lullaby (due March 8), we’ve got the pop star’s lead single “What The Hell”, which she calls “the least personal song to me off this album”, plus a few tracks with generic names like, “I Love You”, “Smile” and “Goodbye”. Alright, maybe unique song titles aren’t Avril’s strong suit, but at least they’re not spelled like text messages à la “Sk8ter Boi”. Progress! Jump below to see what other tracks made the cut of Avril’s fourth studio album.

Avril Lavigne – Goodbye Lullaby

1. Black Star 2. What The Hell 3. Push 4. Wish You Were Here 5. Smile 6. Stop Standing There 7. I Love You 8. Everybody Hurts 9. Not Enough 10. 4 Real 11. Darlin 12. Remember When 13. Goodbye 14. Alice (hidden track)

We’re guessing the tune to “Black Star” will be the same one present in the commercial to Avril’s fragrance of the same name.

Going from these titles alone, anyone else get the feeling we’re in for an introspective breakup album?

[Avril Lavigne Official Site]