The 7 Best Auto-Tuned Songs Of 2010

Erika Brooks Adickman | December 23, 2010 8:30 am

What do rainbows, Australia and water bottles have in common? Through the use Auto-Tune, they’ve become the subject of viral music videos. 2010 had more than its share of catchy auto-tuned music vids (thanks, home editing software!). And while T-Pain is usually credited with the audio processor’s revival, he isn’t on our list (to find his Michael Jackson “P.Y.T.” cover you’ll have to look on our 2010’s biggest fails). No need to hide your kids or your wives from our picks for the seven Best Auto-Tunes Of 2010 — but you might want to hide it from Kanye West.

#7) Rent: Too Damn High! Song” — The Gregory Brothers: Why? Because the rent is too damn high and because “karate expert” Jimmy McMillan’s, um, refreshing platform at New York’s gubernatorial debate made for a great hip hop ditty. If only this tune had been released before election day, it could have been his campaign song.

#6) “Oprah Auto-Tuned”: When Jonathan Mann decided to use Oprah’s announcement that she was taking her entire audience to Australia during first episode of her farewell season and Auto-Tune it as part of his Song A Day project, the result was comedy gold. We’re not sure if the media tycoon would add this as her Favorite Things list, but it’s on ours.

#5) “Double Rainbow Song” — The Gregory Brothers: This was the pot of gold at the end of a double rainbow. What does it mean? Who cares? It’s awesome!

#4) “Pants On The Ground Remix Auto Tuned”: American Idol Season 9 may have been a major fail, but General Larry Platt (see what we did there?) was clearly a 2010 win. The auditionee wasn’t awarded a ticket to Hollywood from the judges, but he became an overnight success anyway — spawning several remixes including this sweet auto-tuned rendition.

#3) “Kanye vs. Bush” – The Gregory Brothers: Once upon a time on MTV, Kanye West called George W. Bush a racist, five years later the former president called the rapper’s comment one of the most disgusting moments of his presidency. But when the powerful artist went on to The Today Show to give a mea culpa, the debate went from West vs. Bush to West vs. Lauer (take a page out directly of the Tom Cruise live interview playbook). The brains behind Auto-Tune The News melded the two morning show interviews so perfectly, we’re sure it’s impossible to find a “hater” of this little auto-tune — except for maybe Kanye.

#2) “Justin Bieber Hit By Water Bottle”: We don’t like our pop stars being harrassed while their on stage doing their thing, but this Auto-Tuned clip of Biebs getting a waterbottle to the noggin just never stops being funny. And, thankfully, JB wasn’t injured — his shaggy hair doesn’t just serve as a girl magnet, it also acts as a protective helmet.

#1 “Bed Intruder Song” — The Gregory Brothers: Antoine Dodson’s interview with a local Chicago news station inadvertently turned him into an instant Internet sensation. Since having the news piece transformed into an ultra catchy song (with over 54 million YouTube views), the outspoken hairdresser not only has become the a Billboard topping artist, but also a spokesperson for the Sex Offender Tracker iPhone app, an official Halloween costume — oh, and the star of his own musical sketch on Lopez Tonight. Antoine didn’t just top our Auto-Tune list, he pretty much topped all of 2010.

Which Auto-Tuned tune was your favorite of the year?