Enrique Iglesias Gets Down And Really Dirty In His “Tonight (I’m Loving You)” Video

Becky Bain | December 22, 2010 12:15 pm

In Enrique Igleasias’ video for his lascivious new single “Tonight (I’m Loving You)”, the Spanish singer (and Linkin Park fan) lurks around an S&M club, but spends the majority of the night doing sexytimes in the restroom with a stranger. Soon enough, Enrique’s jet-setting ’round the globe to seemingly bed as many ladies as possible in the video’s five minute length. It’s like a X-rated version of The Amazing Race. The single’s title might be free from obscenities, but the clip sure isn’t — get oiled up and join Enrique in his orgy, won’t you?

Enrique Iglesias — “Tonight (I’m Loving You)”

This pretty much sums up our reaction while watching this video:

This raunch-fest is certainly better suited for the NSFW version of his single, “Tonight (I’m F***in’ You)”. Both versions are available for download on iTunes — let’s see if the naughty-titled track outsells the clean one.

And hey, why not — here’s the uncensored vid. Cover your eyes if you can’t handle the heat!