Miguel Bets On Smooth Moves In His “Sure Thing” Video

Idolator Staff | December 25, 2010 1:50 pm

Superfly R&B singer Miguel says “Sure Thing” is a highly personal song that “no one was ever supposed to hear.” But the smoldering, sexy jam proved too irresistible to leave off his debut All I Want Is You — and now it’s positioned as his new single, complete with Hype Williams-directed video. Watch Miguel show off his funkadelic dance moves below (think he picked them up while on tour with Usher?) See for yourself.

To accompany Miguel’s chilly-but-smooth vocals, Williams delivers a video that floats through one sexy scene after another — it’s really just one long montage. And it’s nice to see Miguel use those moves, instead of simply sitting on a bed next to a woman wearing day-glo lingerie. Not every Hype Williams video has to be a blockbuster (that approach sure didn’t help Nicki Minaj). And this one suits Miguel just fine.