Natasha Bedingfield Celebrates “The Little Things” With Ne-Yo

Becky Bain | January 5, 2011 2:44 pm

Natasha Bedingfield could use a pocketful of sunshine right about now — her latest LP, Strip Me, is currently on the Billboard 200 at (gulp) #103, about 100 notches down from the peak of her previous album. We personally know just how magnetic a performer the British singer is — we’re still holding out for her to score a Top 10 hit sometime this year.

Perhaps in an alternate world, Natasha’s song “The Little Things”, featuring smooth R&B crooner Ne-Yo, could have been just that. The previously unreleased track, from her Strip Me sessions, is clearly still in the demo stages, but it’s got a nice little beat and a message about learning to appreciate all the good things in your life. Jump below to listen.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Natasha Bedingfield feat. Ne-Yo – The Little Things” dl=”0″] “Even though the little things matter the most, it’s always the little things that go unnoticed,” sings Natasha on the Stargate-produced tune. We love the way Bedingfield paints a picture in this story song (“Marvin in the background, candles that all burned down, his romantic gesture completely overlooked”), and with a bit more production work to add a bit more flare, we can definitely hear this one all over the radio. What do you think? Good or bad call leaving this one off Strip Me?