Unreleased Avril Lavigne Video For “Mobile” Surfaces A Decade After The Fact

Robbie Daw | January 6, 2011 8:14 am

Remember when rockin’ princess Avril Lavigne was a plucky little punk-pop teen, singing about why things have to be so complicated and pining over sk8r bois? Eight years after her Let Go track “Mobile” was serviced to Australian radio stations as a single, the shelved music video has now surfaced. (Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, the Canadian songstress is ready to drop a brand new single, “What The Hell.”) Head below to watch a young, orange-clad Avril lament how everything is changing while jamming on her guitar in the desert. The video for the Clif Magness-produced “Mobile” is a simple one. But if anything it stirs up a kind of nostalgia for a time when Lavigne was still youthfully angsty, before she had gotten married/divorced and, well, so Max Martin-ized.