The 2011 ‘American Idol’ Judges Swing By The ‘Tonight Show’

Robbie Daw | January 11, 2011 9:49 am

Following this week’s splashy Entertainment Weekly cover story, Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez—aka the Season 10 American Idol judges—were joined by AI host Ryan Seacrest on the Tonight Show last night, where, among other things, it was revealed that Aerosmith frontman Tyler had never seen Fox’s reality TV music competition before accepting the new gig. His excuse: “I’m on tour!” Watch the judges sitdown with Jay Leno after the jump. Jennifer Lopez explained her hesitancy to fill in one of the newly-vacant seats at the judging table. “For me it was like, I wasn’t sure at first,” J.Lo admitted. “I was like, I don’t know—I have a record coming out this year. I have things things happening… I heard how much of a diva Ryan was and I was like, ugggggggh.”

Ryan responded, “I thought, thank God somebody’s coming onto the show that takes longer to get ready than me.”

Later in the interview, Randy discussed the talent they met with while traveling the country looking for contestants—and the possible effect the Justin Biebers and Greyson Chances of the world have had on the business.

“We dropped the age one year to 15 now. It’s 15 to 28,” Jackson said. “And I’m telling you, some amazing, talented young kids showed up.” (Doesn’t he say this every year?)

Steven Tyler went on to explain that he and the rest of his Aerosmith bandmates will be meeting up at the end of this month to begin recording a new album before heading out on tour this coming November and December.

Does this insight into the rapport between the new Idol lineup have you excited for the show’s premiere next week, or will you be tuning Season 10 out?