Listen To Some Version Or Other Of Nicole Scherzinger’s “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

Robbie Daw | January 13, 2011 1:22 pm

PopJustice has attempted to sift through the various versions of FHM fox Nicole Scherzinger’s next (UK) single “Don’t Hold Your Breath.” The main ones been floating around: the original Timbaland/Keri Hilson demo; the other demo, sans Nicole’s vocals; the one that popped up today that PJ says still isn’t the final version. At any rate, below we posted a form of the song slightly longer that last one mentioned, because, to quote PopJustice, “Don’t Hold Your Breath” is “basically amazing.”

This history of “Don’t Hold Your Breath” (or at least Nicole’s version of it) does indeed appear to be a tricky minefield, so we’ll just pause on our thoughts until the official single version is confirmed.

Well, okay—we will allow that this song already sounds better than every Pussycat Dolls single combined.