Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The Spears In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | January 14, 2011 5:30 pm

Between the anticipation for Lady Gaga’s upcoming album Born This Way (due out May 23) and the release of Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” single this week, the inhabitants of Planet Pop had plenty to say online. Head below to see how our readers weighed in on both heavily-discussed topics over the past seven days. :: made2105 jumped to David Cook’s defense in last week’s Whatcha Say comments roundup: “What Krissy had to say about David Cook’s new video teaser is pure jealousy! She must be another AI alumni ’s fan. I wonder what musical talent has to do with looks! *scratches head* Not that David doesn’t have both!”

Lady Gaga Born This Way
:: Franc took a practical stance on Idolator Readers Vote Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Most-Anticipated Album Of ‘11: “At the end of the day the sales don’t lie… so if its britney vs gaga… whoever ends the year with the most sales wins… although i can tell you now.. Gaga will do a much better job promoting.. don’t get me wrong im just as excited to hear britney’s manufactured music as the next one and will be jamming any of her albums on my ipod any day but im excited to hear whats next for Gaga especially since there is a lot of pressure from her to succeed!”

:: Roger, however, took offense in Franc’s statement: “It’s amazing how people keep calling Britney Spears’ music ‘manufactured’ when all songs out there are. As far as I’m concerned, whoever finds quality in Lady Gaga’s songs is plain stupid. What is so good about ;ruh, ruh, rah.ah ah?’ Is that even lyrical? If there’s one thing that Lady Gaga’s good at, it definitely is not her lyrics but her borrowed beats.”

:: Josh agreed with our review of Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” Finally Arrives: Was It Worth The Wait?: “It’s a great song to get her back in the game after waiting more than two years since Circus. It definitely has Euro-pop influences and even a bit of dubstep which was kind of a surprise.”

:: ZMH was equally smitten: “It sounds like the best of kesha kesha never has!And that dubstep breakdown is major! Maybe the song is not that amazing, but (curiously) as a sucker for anyting britney i’m completely hooked on this anyway.”

:: That said, Harm thought we were way off “Base”: “Ace of Base? WTF… It’s clearly that you Americans don’t know anything about the Euro-sound… There is nothing to compare… Ace of Base & ‘The new Britney’… Believe me, I know all the Ace of Base songs from the 90’s and there is not even 1 song or chorus of a song that comes close to Hold it against me… Go Europe… Within 5 years all the great American artists will make Euro-music.”

:: And our buddy Brandon Hall wasn’t going to let Britney hold anything against him: “I’m actually not liking this at all, actually, its a rare miss this song sounds like something left off of Circus, like a bonus, but definitely not lead single worthy at all. I’m so disappointed, this is not the single I was hoping it would be. Britney is facing a lot of heavy competition this year from artist that shall remain nameless. Everyone will be watching the numbers and chart performance I just don’t see this song making a lasting impact.”

:: At least Britney’s new jam gave Jim a good glowstick flashback: “Love that today’s pop music instrumentals sound like the stuff electronic music DJ’s were spinning at underground raves in the early ’90s. It took only how many years for that defined taste to become palpable to the masses? Better late than never!”

:: Sandi thought we needed to sober up after reading Kelly Rowland’s New Track “Hangover” Gives Us A Migraine: “Why is every song she does always given negative reviews by all the sites. But, all of those silly no talented women can put out trash as is give rave reviews. Are you all getting paid to put her down?”

:: Finally, hairs what Breigh had to say on Adam Lambert’s Shows Off Free Swag And His New ‘Do: “Adam Lambert is beautiful ….no matter how he wears his hair. Channeling Bon Jovi? I don’t think so…he just loves to change it up. I’m sure he’s fine with all the gifts he got…no one said he had to jump up and down…just smile….that’s enough.. He’s the most adorable guy in the World !!!”