Snoop Dogg Cruises Around “El Lay” In His New Video

Robbie Daw | January 19, 2011 8:09 am

Don’t get us wrong—we love us some Snoop Dogg. But, damn! At the rate the Doggfather is dropping music videos these days (did you catch “Wet,” “Kush” or “That Good” in the past month?), he’s catching up to Lil Wayne’s own prolific visual output. The MC’s latest clip, for sunny single “El Lay,” finds him cruising around the City Of Angels in a convertible while Marty James is projected on screens around La La Land, singing the chorus.

There’s not too much to note here, other than the vid looks like someone sent an assistant out to shoot some B-roll while the Doggumentary rapper and Marty spent about two hours total in front of a cameraman’s lens. We say that, of course, with love.

And we still stand by our statement that, in the grand scheme of hip hop jams to come down the pipeline in recent weeks, “El Lay” kicks “H.A.M.” in the ass.

Up next from the Dogg house: his “Purp And Yellow” video with Game.