Panic! At The Disco Are Back With “The Ballad Of Mona Lisa”

Becky Bain | January 21, 2011 11:57 am

While the two former members of Panic! At The Disco have wandered off into their own indie-leaning duo The Young Veins, the remaining men in the pop-punk band, Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith, are picking things up again. They’re prepping their third album (and their first as a duo), Vices & Virtues, and today we get to hear a new track, “The Ballad Of Mona Lisa.” Jump below to listen.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Panic! At The Disco – Ballad Of Mona Lisa” dl=”0″] Brendon and Spencer contributed the song “New Perspective” to the Jennifer’s Body soundtrack back in 2009, but it’s been some time since we’ve heard a new song. This one is definitely more A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out than their collection of folky Beatles-imitating tunes on Pretty. Odd. (thankfully). Some of the fanciful, dreaminess of Fever is still there, but “Mona Lisa” sounds like it could have really come from any one of the man-boy pop-punk bands in the scene. The reason Fever was so much fun to listen to was because how experimental and bizarre it really was with its whole Victorian, Old World gentleman vibe coming from a bunch of modern day youngin’s. There’s nothing terribly interesting or noteworthy happening in this song, much like there wasn’t in “New Perspective”, either. We’re hoping they’ve got some tricks under their sleeves for the next few singles.

Vices And Virtues drops March 29, and “The Ballad Of Mona Lisa” will be available for download February 1.