Review Revue: Critics React To Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life” Video

Robbie Daw | January 28, 2011 11:37 am

With the wave of a wand and a hefty sprinkling of fairy dust (not to mention some witty dialogue), KING model Nicki Minaj unleashed her six-minute “Moment 4 Life” music video yesterday. And never before have fairy tales seemed so sassy! Now, quickly—before you turn into a pumpkin, head below to see what the Internet had to say about hip hop’s wittiest femcee and her magical Chris Robinson-directed vid.

:: New York Magazine‘s Vulture blog was smitten at the exchange between “King” Nicki and her Fairy Godmother, Martha: “The two talk for a minute and a half, cracking inside jokes (‘Where’s Roman?’) and clichés (‘You may have this moment for life’), in a tone that doesn’t match up with the song itself, but who cares: Has anyone ever talked to herself better than Nicki Minaj?”

:: Likewise, Zap2it’s Pop2it blog thought the intro to the clip was the stuff fairy tales are made of: “The music portion itself is great—dresses, a castle, Drake—but what really gets us is the opening sketch, which includes two Nickis. Playing both King Nicki and her fairy godmother, Martha Zolanski, we get to see Minaj pull out her hilarious British accent that makes a cameo on her album.”

:: Spin concurred: “It’s a fairly G-rated clip, but the best part is watching Minaj also assume the role of fairy godmother in her bizarro English accent.”

:: MTV News comically dissected the top four moments in the video, including the kiss Drake and Nicki share: “The money shot is obstructed by Nicki’s hair as she cranes her neck to kiss him back, but by the look on Martha’s face, who flies by, a massive attack ensued.”

:: The Smoking Section focused on the are-they-or-aren’t-they rumors about Drake and Nicki that the two have now escalated with the video: “Their lives are fairy tales and given the way Nicki carries herself, I have no doubt in my the first minute and a half of the video happens on a nightly basis. Moments of fame will not last for life, but this collaboration will.”

:: HitFix was underwhelmed, and noted that “the video is much more interesting than the song, which is pretty boring. We also have to say we’re a little disappointed that Nicki, who seems way too quirky and independent, really wants her “Moment 4 Life” to be the whole bridal party/wedding thing. Maybe under the sherbert-colored wigs and crazy outfits, she’s just a traditional girl.”

:: The Boombox offered five reasons to watch “Moment 4 Life” while pointing out, “After much talk and buzz, Nicki and Drake make it down the aisle in Nicki’s ‘fairy tales really do come true’-themed video. Will there be a honeymoon? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

:: And finally, yours truly pointed out the following on Chart Rigger: “It’s all a fun, eye-popping affair. But, let’s be honest here—next time Nicki wants to do a real fairy tale-themed video, she needs to take a few pointers from Ke$ha’s trashy ass.”