Justin Bieber On The ‘Today Show’: “My Voice Is Definitely Changing”

Robbie Daw | January 31, 2011 8:58 am

Matt Lauer made a confession to LOVE cover guy Justin Bieber on the Today Show this morning: he went to see Never Say Never with his two kids, and he really enjoyed it. But the Bieb had a confession of his own: his voice is changing. Okay—so maybe that’s been quite obvious over the past year. Still, JB seemed very Zen-like about the whole thing. “My voice is definitely changing, gradually,” Bieber said on the Today Show. “It’s definitely lower than it was last time I was with you, right?”

The 16-year-old Grammy nominee remained upbeat about facing any “awkward” career stages because of his growing pains. “I think that everybody’s voice changes, and it’s just how you go through it,” Bieb said. “I have a great vocal coach who’s helping me.”

Gotta love the way he then totally distracts Lauer from the topic by whipping out the 3-D glasses and turning the tables on the morning show host by commenting on his dimples.

Do you think Justin will have the same appeal to his Beliebers once he puts out new music with a much lower voice?