Patrick Stump Previews New ‘Soul Punk’ Tunes For ‘Rolling Stone’

Becky Bain | February 4, 2011 9:54 am

A cappella maestro Patrick Stump stopped by Rolling Stone‘s New York offices to perform three new songs from his debut solo album, Soul Punk, (out this month) and a Tom Waits cover of “Step Right Up”. (And one pretty funny impression of Waits to boot.) Jump below for a live, acoustic mini album sampler from Stump and tell us what you think of his tunes.

We know that these are acoustic versions of fully studio-produced tunes, but we’re totally digging listening to just Patrick and his guitar, particularly on “Love Selfish Love”.

In his interview, Patrick discusses wanting to emulate the ornate, fast-paced syncopation of Timbaland’s beats, but it’s impossible to play, since they’re computerized – so he did his best by playing all the complicated rhythms himself with instruments, one at a time. Problem solved!

As far as touching on his time in Fall Out Boy, Patrick says:

“When I look at Joe [Trohman]’s band, The Damned Things or whatever, he would play me those songs as a demo for Fall Out Boy, and I’d be like, ‘It’s awesome, but it’s hard rock.’ There were songs I’d write and the way the band worked, my lyrics weren’t really … it just didn’t fit.” “As far as the comparative visibility of my solo act versus the band, it’s kind of a shame the two have to ever be related… I don’t know that I was ever so comfortable with the way it was, with that level of attention. Particially because you get this feeling, you don’t want to dumb what you do down… but you don’t want to disappoint anybody, and they have these expectations. Hopefully going out as myself gives me freedom.”

As much as we enjoyed FOB, we’re excited for Stump to finally be the main dude in the spotlight.

What do you think of Stump’s solo material so far?

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