Christina Aguilera Flubs National Anthem At Super Bowl XLV

Idolator Staff | February 6, 2011 8:55 pm

A Christina Aguilera Super Bowl performance should, by most accounts, be a thing of beauty: those potent pipes are made for big performances. But the sultry blonde shocked viewers of Sunday’s Pittsburgh Steelers-Green Bay Packers matchup by flubbing the lyrics of the national anthem. Oh say, can you see her realize her own mistake? Watch Christina’s melismatic mishap and decide whether to forgive her below.

Roughly 55 seconds into this video, Aguilera misses the lyric “O’er the ramparts we watched” and instead sings “what so proudly we watched”. She manages to recover — you just can’t keep that voice from rousing fans to cheer.

Considering what a rough year she had in 2010, you wouldn’t think this is how she’d like to kick off 2011.