Which Super Bowl Commercial Did Eminem Rock In Best: Brisk Or Chrysler?

Robbie Daw | February 7, 2011 7:32 am

It may be a full week before we get to see Detroit rap czar Eminem scoop up a kit-‘n-kaboodle of shiny Grammys in his Platinum-selling mitts, but the MC was ever-present during the Super Bowl last night, too—in not one, but two high profile commercials: one for a car company set in his home town, and another for a tasty beverage. Marvel below, Em-philes, and let let us know which ad the hitmaker rocked in the best. First up is the Detroit rapper’s Chrysler commercial, which takes place in, er, Detroit. Hmmm. Despite Slim’s #1 hit “Not Afraid,” we’re still not sure earnestness is quite his forte.

Next up we find His Eminence in animated form for Brisk iced tea, spitting out lines in his typical brash/confrontational manner (“…we film in my house so I ain’t gotta go anywhere!”) that lets us see him in his more natural form (“Once I try their products, I always hate ’em!”) and strangely makes us feel a bit randy (“I need some hot chicks.”). We say this MC puts the “B” in Brisk.

Which commercial did you like the most?