Lady Gaga Denied Entrance To Old Apartment In ’60 Minutes’ Preview

Robbie Daw | February 8, 2011 7:56 am

It’s going to be an all Lady Gaga weekend, kicking off with the early release of the single “Born This Way” on Friday. Then of course we have the Grammys, where Gaga is said to be performing her new song. But just before the awards show, CBS will air the pants-less songstress60 Minutes Overtime special, at 7 p.m. Watch a preview of the program after the jump. In the short 60 Minutes preview clip, Gaga takes Anderson Cooper to the old studio apartment she lived in during her pre-fame days. Unfortunately for the on-air pair, the person currently living there wouldn’t let them bring the cameras in.

Silly Lady—not everyone wants the papa-paparazzi up in their biz.

Instead, Anderson and Gaga sit in a stairwell, where the leather-clad pop minx shows the news journo sheet music for the very first song she ever wrote, at age four, called “Dollar Bill.”

So take that, Ke$ha.