5 Things We Learned About Britney Spears In Her Twitter Q&A

Becky Bain | February 10, 2011 4:34 pm

Our First Lady Of Video Teasers, Britney Spears, conducted a Q&A on Twitter this morning to answer her fans’ flurry of @reply queries and nix some rumors in the bud: No, she won’t be performing at or even attending the Grammys. Yes, she co-wrote several of the songs on Femme Fatale. And her all-time favorite Starbucks drink is their strawberry Frappuccinos. Mystery solved! Jump below for the Top 5 most interesting things we learned about Britters today on Twitter.

#5 – She’s got good taste in movies!

britney twitter

#4 – She would love to become a member of the man-child comedy genre sweeping the industry. Judd and Todd, start writing Knocked Up 2 The Hangover 3 with Brit in mind for a role. and

#3 – She no longer enjoys joy-riding til all hours of the night or heading out to clubs.

#2 – She doesn’t hold grudges, apparently.

#1 – She LOVES vanilla candles.