Lady Gaga Discusses “Born This Way”, Leaves Out Any Mention Of Madonna

Becky Bain | February 11, 2011 3:41 pm

The debate rages on whether Lady Gaga intentionally lifted melodies from Madonna’s “Express Yourself” for her new lead single “Born This Way”, or if it was just divine intervention guiding Gaga through the songwriting process. Music aside, the Grammy nominee does give us a bit of insight into the meaning of the song (as if we couldn’t figure it out from the lyrics) in two mysterious clips filmed in a dimly light room, allegedly on the set of the video for “Born This Way”. Jump below for some pretentious, vague explanations of what the song means!

“It’s about the way that we see the future,” says a monotone Gaga. “Right now we’re in a state of drifting, we’re not sure where we’re supposed to go or what we’re supposed to understand or replicate or imitate… we’re drifting in space towards the light. And ‘Born This Way’ tells us that the light is within us and to follow yourself.”

She continues in the second video: “It was meant to be a song about revolution and freedom and lack of prejudice. And when I started to make the images for it, I thought of my fans… it is the monsters who created the imagery.”

Does that mean Gaga’s video for her single will look like these little monsters we found at her concert?