Lil’ Kim Tells Nicki Minaj To Stick Her Head In A Tornado In Her “Black Friday” Video

Robbie Daw | February 17, 2011 9:26 am

Lil’ Kim just ratcheted up the tense bitchery between her and Nicki Minaj about 100 fold with her video for “Black Friday,” the title track off her latest mixtape. In the (cheap but effective) clip, a dimwitted Nicki lookalike bops around in various colored wigs while the Notorious K.I.M. launches an all-out rap assault on her. Watch below, but keep in mind the video is totally NSFW. “Ho, I see they really got you gassed like I’m a thing of the past / Better slow down, dummy, you about to crash,” Kim chides the Pink Friday Barbie. And that’s just the tame part!

Kimmy Blanco also trashes Minaj’s label chief Lil Wayne: “You think you’re hot, sippin’ that shit Wayne on? / I get top dollar for whatever my name on.”

Later she sticks to the “Young Money bastards” with this zinger: “Fuck your whole team, all I see are a bunch of weirdos / You think you’re head bitch? Scarecrow!”

We’d actually write this off as another eye-roll-worthy batch of sour grapes if it wasn’t so hysterical. “You and Diddy? Sorry bunch of swagga jackers / I mothered you ho’s, I should claim you on my income taxes!”

Well, that ought to help her cause and endear her to her contemporaries. Hey—at least she’s keeping it real. Stay classy, Kim!