Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The Grammy In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | February 18, 2011 5:30 pm

The past seven days have been pop-packed and full of punch. We witnessed the 53rd Grammy Awards, heard Lady Gaga’s brand new single “Born This Way,” saw a whole lot of hatred lobbed at Nicki Minaj by hip hop icon Lil’ Kim and finally viewed Britney Spears’ music video for her latest #1 single “Hold It Against Me.” And along the way, our readers had plenty to say about all this music mayhem. Read on!

Lady Gaga Born This Way
:: ZMH thought Mother Monster was more of a drag than a queen on Lady Gaga Expresses Herself In New Single “Born This Way”: “I just don’t like this song, at all…it sounds very old. in fact it reminds me a lot of late 90s euro dance sound. while i’m (still) completely digging bad romance era, i’m not sure, is it a little bit too ealier to revisit the late 90s?”

:: Alex was just tired of the Material Girl comparisons: “LOL, many artists have been influenced by Madonna. Gaga has not been the only one. (See: Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, any other pop stars) So for all the people that think they’re so smart for seeing this song has Madonna influnces, NICE JOB. YOU HAVE ALL OFFICIALLY EARNED YOUR RANKS AS CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.”

:: Michael English felt Lady Antebellum needed to do a little more research now on Live Blog: The 2011 Grammy Awards: “that would have been a nice tribute to Teddy P, except that he didn’t write it and was the 4th person to record it. Sorry Lady Antefailure.”

:: And there was no love in this club from Derek when it came to Usher’s Grammy performance: “…why does Usher even bother performing? He never sings live. And standing ovation?? Really???”

:: Jamie had just one burning question on Grammy Awards 2011: The Performances: “IS christina pregnant again??”

:: Want to know what Kesha thought about Nicki Minaj: 2011 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Photos?: “hot messsssssss!”

:: Brandon Hall gave the smackdown on Justin Bieber Disappointed He Didn’t Win Best New Artist — And So Are His Fans: “If he would have won the Grammy for best new artist by all means the Grammys would officially be a joke not to be taken with an ounce of credibility. You know we’re in a bad place for music when someone like him can think he deserves a Grammy for best new artist for the complete rubbish he has put out in the past however long he’s been relevant.”

:: Charlotte thought a nasty web was being spun on Lil’ Kim Attempts To Stay Relevant By Beheading Nicki Minaj On Her Album Cover: “Once again Kim’s attempt to stay relevant in the rap world even though she hasn’t made a hit for years and no one really gives a damn about her anymore. No one wants to work with her ass, not drake, jay z, eminem, kanye and rhianna just to name a few. Stay professional bitch maybe you’ll get somewhere in life.”

:: Aaron Howard noticed that the wrong stars were colliding on Katy Perry Beams Kanye West Into Her “E.T.” Mix: “This is the second time he screwed up one of my favorite pop songs. ‘In for the Kill’ feat. Kanye? A disaster!”

:: Getting back to the female MC diva-off, Shanaynay LaChild sided with K.I.M. on Lil’ Kim Tells Nicki Minaj To Stick Her Head In A Tornado In her “Black Friday” Video: “love or hate kim she brought it and the raps are tight and hilarious. and after this many years in the business even if she’s not as big as she was she’s still an icon and a legend. will sticky nikki’s wig be here in 15 years? if so we can revisit the issue then.”

:: Caleb Galore expressed his disappointment on Britney Spears Smiles For The Cameras In Her “Hold It Against Me” Video: “I used to love watching her videos. She was an insane dancer. Now I watch every new video hoping that time will bring her back to her former glory. I gave her a pass on Circus and it’s videos because she was still getting back into performing but it’s been 2 years now. Why is it that she still can’t dance? and why does no one seem to care? Nevermind that this video made absolutely no sense.”

:: Joaqfer was equally as non-plussed on Review Revue: Critics React To Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” Video: “She is just disengaged… That was the word I was looking for… Doesn’t make me interested in neither the dancing nor the video nor the wardrobe… Anything… No emotion… Does she even care about having her career? That is the question…”