Listen To Patrick Stump’s “Porcelain” From His ‘Truant Wave’ EP

Becky Bain | February 22, 2011 12:02 pm

Patrick Stump’s Truant Wave EP drops today, giving us a 6-song preview of the vibe we can expect to glean from his full-length solo album, due this summer. So, is it Fall Out Boy-esque, or is it the complete opposite? Well, as far as we can tell after one straight-through listen, it’s both. Check out one of the EP’s opening track, “Porcelain”, below.

The boys of FOB were never scared off from experimenting with other genres — there were plenty of R&B, pop, hip-hop and soul influences across all their albums. In that respect, Stump’s still doing what he’s always done — Truant Wave feels like a playlist of various styles and musical genres squeezed together, from the Michael Jackson soul-pop on “Cute Girls” to the dance-pop of “Love, Selfish, Love.”

If there’s any first-listen comparison we can gather from Stump’s time in his pop-punk-rock band to his debut as a solo artist, it’s that he’s able to slow it down a lot and take his time. Not that his songs lack energy — he’s just performing at a less frenetic, maniacal pace than that of FOB. Basically, we don’t expect to see any mosh pits forming at any of his upcoming sold-out shows in New York and Chicago.

The a cappella-endorsing artist chose our preferred version of “Spotlight (Oh, Nostalgia)” for Truant Wave (does that mean “No Regrets” will be on the full-length album?), but the song that has us the most interested is a track called “Porcelain”, in which Stump sings about never wanting to meet his idols for fear of finding out they’re, ya know, actually human, with flaws and imperfections. Or maybe it’s written from the point of view of one of his fans? Listen to it below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Patrick Stump feat. Alph-a-bit – Porcelain” dl=”0″] “I don’t ever want to meet you, because you’re like Porcelain / And I think it would it would crack if I found out you were a brat / Stay perfect,” sings P-Stump. “Have you ever met somebody who was perfect til you met them? I have.” We’re dying to know who he’s talking about. Any guesses, folks?Truant Wave is available for download on iTunes, or stream the whole EP over on Patrick’s Facebook page.