Hurts Offer Up A Typically Dramatic Video For “Sunday”

Robbie Daw | February 23, 2011 8:43 am

Our favorite melancholy synth duo out of England, Hurts, shot the video for new single “Sunday” in Romania earlier this year. And if you’re wondering what it’s about, well, here’s what crooner Theo Hutchcraft told Digital Spy last week: “We go to an exotic, beautiful place, think of a theme that no-one else will understand except us, and surround us with women so people won’t ask us what it’s about!” No, he wasn’t kidding. Watch below. The clip for “Sunday” seems more Pet Shop Boys than most Pet Shop Boys videos these days, with regards to the dynamic between the two members of Hurts. Adam Anderson lurks around in the background looking intense in various uniforms while Theo Hutchcraft acts out the melodramatic plot—in this case, mourning the death of his girlfriend.

Was it a car crash that killed her? Murder? Or is she really dead? Hutchcraft later finds her bound in Saran wrap while some kinky cult-like band plays in the background. There’s a bit where Theo’s hugging a mirror, which naturally breaks. And then the shards are strung up in the air.

Yeah, he was right—no one else will understand except them.

[Via We Are Pop Slags]