Lady Gaga Talks Bullying With Gayle King, Will Drop Two Videos For “Born This Way”

Becky Bain | February 24, 2011 2:43 pm

Lady Gaga carefully stomped (there’s no other way to describe walking in 10-inch heel-less platform shoes) her way onto the set of The Gayle King Show this morning, where she discussed bullying and being “the butt of the joke” in school. (See? It gets better and extremely more famous, kiddos!) The Viva Glam spokesperson also revealed that there will be two — yes, two! — separate music videos for “Born This Way”. Throw your paws up in unbridled excitement!

Gayle starts off her interview in a bizarre way, showing us how she greeted Gaga upon arriving at the studio — decked out in spanx, fishnets, and little else. Except all we get to see is Gayle’s shoulder and legs filmed from behind. To sum it up: It’s weird.

“There’s very little way to express your identity,” Gaga tells Gayle about her time attending an all-girls Catholic school that enforced the wearing of uniforms. She briefly discusses being bullied before Gayle decides she wants some gossip, and embarrasses Gaga upon mentioning her boyriend, Luc.

When Gayle mentions her man waiting backstage, Gaga clams up. “What would you like us to know about him?” she asks.

Quoth the Gaga: “That he does not exist.”

Well, so much for prying into her social life! If you want to know more about Gaga’s mystery man, Pop Dust does a pretty good job of summing him up. (Our thoughts? Pure mulletted trouble!)

But what her fans really care about isn’t her boyfriends, but her music videos. Gaga reveals the fact that she made two videos for “Born This Way”. One will premiere on Monday, and the other will be a clip featuring a stripped-down version of the song that will be made available on iTunes. Any profit Gaga makes from the sales of that video will be donated to charity. Although we think she should start settin some money aside for an orthopedic surgeon, because she’s going to need one sooner than later.