Rihanna And Ciara Get Their Claws Out During Twitter Brawl

Idolator Staff | February 26, 2011 1:15 pm

Gotta love technology. Whereas pop diva catfights might once have been limited to backstage, behind the scenes, where only stagehands and publicists are privy to them, now millions of people can bear witness and following along with every “rawr!” and hiss, thanks to Twitter. The latest virtual scuffle? Flexible Ciara used E!’s Fashion Police to claim her latest run-in with recent birthday girl Rihanna “wasn’t the most pleasant,” which got an even-less-pleasant reply from Kanye’s favorite lady in red. Head below for a transcript of RiRi and CiCi’s resulting tweet-drama, bitchy hashtags and all.

RiRi: “My bad ci, did I 4get to tip u? #howrudeofme”

CiCi: “Trust me Rhianna u dont want to see me on or off stage.”

RiRi: “U gangsta huh? Haaa.”

RiRi: “Good luck with bookin that stage u speak of.”

But then, unexpectedly, a light at the end of this hissy-fit tunnel, as Rihanna (apparently) decides to make nice:

RiRi: “Ciara baby, I love u girl! You hurt my feelings real bad on TV! I’m heartbroken! That’s y I retaliated this way! So sorry! #letsmakeup”

CiCi: “pure comedy…”

And then, another light, as Ciara (apparently) decides to accept the apology:

CiCi: “Rhi u know its always been love since day 1! Doing shows/everything. You threw me off in that party! Apology accepted. Let’s chat in person.”

(Don’t fall for it, Rihanna!)

Rihanna’s final, mysterious reply?

RiRi: “Joke”

While “nastiest comeback” definitely goes to Rihanna for the win, we have to admit (everyone point at Ciara) — “She started it!” We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not either diva’s apology was sincere, whether one or both of these ladies will get their eyes clawed out next time they meet in public, or if the whole thing was just an audition for the next Mean Girls.

Regardless, we think both divas should sleep with one eye open — being sued for plagiarism isn’t likely to put the “S&M” mistress in a very forgiving mood, while Ciara’s album title Basic Instinct suddenly has us flashing back to Sharon Stone wielding that ice pick…


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