Lady Gaga Gives Birth To Her “Born This Way” Video

Robbie Daw | February 28, 2011 8:36 am

The music video for the #1 song in the country has arrived. But like the fact that “Born This Way” isn’t just any chart-topping single (it’s the 1000th #1 on the Hot 100), this isn’t just any music video—it’s a Lady Gaga video. And Mother Monster has given birth to quite a dark epic this time. Watch after the jump. “Born This Way,” which was co-directed by Nick Knight and Haus Of Gaga (and choreographed by Laurieann Gibson), starts off with a pink triangle, a unicorn (take that, Ke$ha) and Gaga describing the manifesto of Mother Monster, who we see give birth to a new race of beings without prejudice. She also gives birth to evil.

This, of course, leads the pendulum of choice to do its dance. Well, duh!

“Born This Way” (the song) finally kicks in as an alien-looking, bra-and-underwear-clad Gaga and her dancers bump and grind around on a blacked-out set. Later we see the Grammy winner in a tux with long pink extensions, painted to look like a skeleton and standing with heavily-tattooed model Rick Genest, who appeared in her “Scheiße” remix video. (You didn’t really think her obsession with death had gone away just because she’s singing about new lives beginning, did you?)

The creepy “Born This Way” video stands in contrast to the bright, upbeat message in the song itself. (Did we really need to see all the goo at the beginning?)

It also has a similarly dark feel to that of  the Steven Klein-directed “Alejandro.” Even the machine gun imagery is carried over from that one.

So let us know, Little Monsters—did Lady Gaga deliver another Grammy-worthy clip this time?

P.S. Did she always have that big of a gap in her front teeth, or is that yet another wink at Madonna?