Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Her ‘Killer Love’ Album Cover And Track Listing

Becky Bain | March 2, 2011 4:10 pm

We’ve been rooting for Nicole Scherzinger for awhile (particularly after we saw her perform live at the Hollywood Bowl in their production of Rent and blow everyone else out of the water). So we’re hoping her for-real-this-time solo debut Killer Love (no longer Her Name Is Nicole) has enough hits on it to warrant another solo disc after this one. Peep the track list below.

Nicole Scherzinger – Killer Love

1. “Poison” 2. “Killer Love” 3. “Don’t Hold Your Breath” 4. “Right There” 5. “You Will Be Loved” 6. “Wet” 7. “Say Yes” 8. “Club Banger Nation” 9. “Power’s Out” feat. Sting 10. “Desperate” 11. “Everybody” 12. “Heartbeat (Rudi Wells’ Open Heart Remix)” feat. Enrique Iglesias 13. “Casualty” 14. “AmenJena”