The 5 Best Rebecca Black “Friday” Remixes On The Web

Erika Brooks Adickman | March 14, 2011 11:45 am

Rebecca Black is the first singer from Ark Music Factory to score a hit with her song “Friday”. This would be great news for the 13-year-old, except for one catch — the lyrics to her T.G.I.F ode are so awful, no one can tell if the song’s for real or is a huge joke. (Honestly, lines like “Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal” make every lyric on “Bionic” sound like the work of Shakespeare.) Regardless, the tune has struck a chord with fans and haters alike, and the web has inevitably spawned Rebecca remixes. “We we we so excited” to share our favorites with you below. Fun fun fun!

It might not be Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” 800% slower, but this version is still better than the original:

Ark Music Factory has their own rap remix. We like any rapper who uses the phrase: “Kids, you know what I’m sayin’?”

DJ Quallz gives us a remix a chill, hypnotic reinterpretation.

Sex Ray Vision’s remix might be our favorite. We can’t wait for the full-length version to drop.

While it’s not exactly a remix, we felt Alex Carpenter’s acoustic cover complete with video remake deserved some major props.

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