What Kind Of Judges Will Christina Aguilera & Co. Be On ‘The Voice’?

Becky Bain | March 16, 2011 10:21 am

NBC held a press conference for The Voice yesterday in downtown L.A., providing us a look at the show’s eclectic mix of judges. Back when American Idol first dictated the suggested judge format – one mean one, one nice one, one likable useless one – we could know what to expect with a new judges’ panel on any reality competition show. But times have changed since the Simon-Paula-Randy dynamic has been used and tweaked so many times, who knows anymore?

We do! Below, our expectations on what these four newbies might be like while holding the fate of tomorrow’s singers in their hands:

Blake Shelton — We don’t know much about Blake Shelton, but judging from that smile, we think he’ll be a hard man, and true blue, and other euphemisms found in country songs. Okay, honestly, we think as a storyteller, he’ll be focusing on gut emotion rather than spot-on singing.

Cee Lo Green — We expect Cee Lo to be dropping the comedy bombs more than critiquing performances. He’s a funny guy and brings a welcome dose of humor to everything he does. We also expect him to wear a new pair of sunglasses with a different hue every episode.

Christina Aguilera — Xtina will be attempting to pull a J-Lo the entire season. Warm up her image, present herself as righteous and benevolent at the same time as absolutely stunning. Despite her telling press, “I’m not looking for vocal acrobatics, who has biggest range [of] high and low. I’m looking forward to getting moved,” we still think she’s far more likely to focus on contestants hitting the right notes, being that she’s a pitch-perfect singer herself. And most of all, she’ll be trying very, very hard to be a respectable authority on singing and performance just so no one finds anything else to throw onto the pile of fail that’s been her 2010/2011.

Adam Levine — Er, we’re not exactly sure what kind of personality Adam really has. Sadly, we also don’t expect him to drop trou on the show, so we’re not sure what his use is quite yet. Eye candy?

Agree/disagree with our predictions? Tell us in the comments. Just don’t expect anybody to be all Cowell-esque on this show. Being mean, even if it comes out of blunt truth, is totally out in this anti-bullying “It Gets Better” day and age, folks.