‘Glee’: Original Songs And First Kisses

Becky Bain | March 16, 2011 12:02 pm

So a bunch of original songs were performed last night on Glee, including one about Rachel bitter about being an only child, and blah blah blah let’s get to the best part of last night’s episode: KURT AND BLAINE FINALLY KISSED! It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for ever since Darren Criss was introduced on the show, and to our hearts, singing “Teenage Dream” in his sharp blue and red all-boys academy uniform. Relive the precious smooch below, and vote for your favorite original Glee tune.

The Warblers (or as Kurt calls them, Blaine and the Pips) suffered a loss this week – their beloved bird Pavarotti passed away, allowing Kurt to show off his best funeral chic:

kurt glee

Love the little skull accessory. Kurt then sings The Beatles’ “Blackbird” as a tribute to Pavarotti, and the performance turns out to be Blaine’s “ah-ha” moment that he’s got a thing for him after all.


So Blurt finally came to be last night, as did original Glee songs. Watch them all below, and vote for your favorite of the bunch. We expect “Loser Like Me” to be in Billboard’s Top 10 on the Hot 100 next week, since it sounds like every other Pink/Avril song currently on the charts.

“Trouty Mouth” as performed by Santana (dedicated to Sam’s mouth)

“Big Ass Heart” as performed by Puck (dedicated to Lauren’s big ass… heart)

“Hell To The No” as performed by Mercedes

“Get It Right” as performed by Rachel, and “Loser Like Me” as performed by Rachel, Finn and New Directions

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