7 Classy Quotes From Britney Spears’ ‘Rolling Stone’ Interview

Becky Bain | March 17, 2011 9:37 am

Much like her Q&A with Out magazine, Britney Spears’ interview with Rolling Stone reads like it was done over email — that is, Britney sounds like she had ample opportunity to edit and re-edit everything she said to make sure it was devoid of all traces of a personality. We know Spears has buckets of quirk and spunk to go around, which makes stale interviews like this frustrating to read. (Seriously – not one “y’all”? C’mon!) If you want to skip the whole dry affair, jump below to read the seven classiest quotes:


**On if her kids like her album:“They definitely dance to it but its kind of funny because they are still confused …. It’s like, ‘Who is this Britney Spears singer in contrast to mommy?'”

**On not rushing any albums out: “I have always been heavily involved in every album I have ever made. I’m very stubborn when it comes to recording and will only record songs I love, which is why it takes me a long time to make an album.”


**On what Britney’s currently listening to:“I love the Peas but I also love Deadmau5. I guess I’m all over the place. Lately I have been listening to Robyn and Adele non-stop but I also love to find new artists that very few people know about.”

**On her favorite kind of dance music: “I love hard pounding dance songs with really beautiful melodies over them. Those are my favorites.”

**On creating the sound for Femme Fatale: “I also wanted to make sure that this album was completely different from Circus or anything else I had ever recorded. I love Circus but I wanted something darker and edgier. I also wanted to make an album and didn’t want to just record a bunch of songs and put them together. I think Femme Fatale is really connected from start to finish.”

**On why she wanted to collaborate with will.i.am: “The Peas make incredibly catchy, fun pop/dance records and I LOVE will.i.am’s style. I have always wanted to do a song with him and would love to work with him more in the future. He is so interesting.”

**On Dr. Luke and Max Martin’s relationship in the studio: “They are two peas in a pod. It’s a total bromance.”

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