‘American Idol’ Power List: Pia Leads The Pack

Becky Bain | March 18, 2011 10:25 am

As much as we thought Karen Rodriguez improved in the last week (read our thoughts of the Top 12 performances here), we weren’t exactly shocked when she was voted off American Idol last night. There’s eleven contestants left in the competition, and at this point, it’s looking more and more like a Pia-James finale. Don’t believe us? Check out our Idol Power List below.

Pia (11 points), James (10), Scotty (9) and Stefano (8) were our favorites from Birthday Year week, while Thia (7), Lauren (6), and Paul (5) delivered good, but not great, performances. And as much as we love Casey (4) and Jacob (3), we could barely get through their songs without grimacing. Haley (2) and Naima (1) finish up our Power List at the very bottom, and it appears you agree with us, America – since they were in the Bottom Three with Karen, they get deducted another point, leaving Haley with 1 point and Naima with zip for the week.

Basically, Pia – who topped our Power List last week as well – is still in the lead, with James slowly catching up with her. Casey better pull it together for next week’s performance, because screaming Nirvana didn’t do him any favors.


1. Pia Toscano (23 points, Last Week #1) 2. James Durbin (21, Last Week #2) 3. ↑Scotty McCreery (18, Last Week #4) 4.  ↓Casey Abrams (14, Last Week # 3) 5. ↑Stefano Langone (14, Last Week #6) 6. ↓Lauren Alaina (14, Last Week #5)7. ↑Thia Megia (11, Last Week #9) 8. ↓Jacob Lusk (10, Last Week #6) 9. ↑Paul McDonald (7, Last Week #11) 10. ↓Haley Reinhart (5, Last Week #8) 11. ↓Naima Adedapo (3, Last Week #10)

Check back every Friday to see how the contestants rise or fall in our power rankings! And, of course, we welcome debate in the comments.