Lady Gaga And RedOne Sneak Into Jennifer Lopez’s Brain To Craft “Invading My Mind”

Idolator Staff | March 19, 2011 10:53 am

Those who ever found themselves mindlessly humming “Poker Face” for days on end know what it’s like to have Lady Gaga and RedOne invade their minds. Now we can add Jennifer Lopez to the mix: the hitmakers behind “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance” (amongst others) are hoping to share their magic touch with the weepy diva on two tracks for her upcoming album Love?. “For those who don’t know, @ladygaga Produced/Wrote with me TWO Records for @JLo, “Invading my Mind” and an Other one coming SOOON!!! OMG!!!” tweeted RedOne — and he’s not the only one jazzed about this collaboration. Head below to hear Jennifer Lopez’s “Invading My Mind,” written and produced by RedOne and Lady Gaga.

“Freezing cold, steaming hot, sweaty drip-drip-drop / It’s unstoppable, I can’t shake it up,” Lopez sings on the new track. In a parallel universe, we could definitely hear Gaga herself singing “Invading My Mind,” though it has more in common with early tracks from Fame than anything the p-p-p-pointy-faced provocateur has done lately. (The verses also remind us an awful lot of Lopez’s current RedOne-produced hit “On The Floor.”)

While RedOne has said that Lady Gaga’s upcoming album is all about freedom, his work with Lopez is clearly about proving the leggy American Idol judge still has what it takes to get people dancing (as long as they aren’t wearing “Louboutins”). To that end, “Invading My Mind” may very well be successful, even if Mama Monster’s involvement and the Inception-like title filled our heads with much trippier expectations. Still, Lopez could clearly do a lot worse than take a page from Lady Gaga — though hopefully she will pass on the leopard print thong.