Rebecca Black Tells Jay Leno She’s Donating “Friday” Cash To Japan

Robbie Daw | March 23, 2011 8:07 am

First Lady Gaga calls Rebecca Black a genius, and now the much-discussed “Friday” songbird announces on the Tonight Show that she’s donating the proceeds from her viral hit to Japan and her school. Sainthood isn’t far, little diva! Head below to watch Black give more insight into her producers, Ark Music Factory. Rebecca explained to Jay Leno that a friend told her about Ark Music Factory, and then her mom e-mailed the producers. “We, like, skipped the first audition process where they have all the girls and guys auditioning,” Black said. “So we met right at the studio and I met privately with the two producers.”

She then goes on to say she passed on the first song she was offered, which was about “a guy superhero.” (Damn—we have to hear that one!) She finally settled on “Friday” because “it’s not indecent and all the bad stuff that a lot of songs are about.”

Rebecca Black on The Tonight Show, Part 1

Rebecca Black on The Tonight Show, Part 2

Keep livin’ the dream, Rebecca!