Rebecca Black Takes Over Funny Or Die

Becky Bain | April 1, 2011 11:27 am

Last April Fool’s Day, Funny Or Die let Justin Bieber take over their website with his pint-sized fury and comedy stylings. This year, the FOD crew has handed over the reigns to music legend Rebecca Black. The 13-year old pop music impresario, hailed by Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell, has peaked at #58 on the Billboard Hot 100 with her ode to the beginning of the weekend, and is only getting more and more powerful with each passing Friiii-day. Resistance is futile. Bow down to Miss Black and watch her Funny Or Die videos below.

Go Betwixt The Music with Rebecca — featuring Sammy Hagar!

“You have to understand the times we were living in when the song came out,” explains Hagar. “Rango was number one at the box-office, not number three when the song came out! St. Patrick’s Day was in front of us. Now it’s behind us.” My, how times have changed!

And here Rebecca explains the complexity of the song’s lyrics:

Says Rebecca: “The choice between the front seat and the back seat is actually a metaphor for American foreign policy.”

Dare we say, Rebecca is pretty charming and likeable in these videos? We’re not saying she deserves her own Nickelodeon show or anything, but yeah, she’ll probably get her own Nickelodeon show.

Head to Funny Or Die Friday Or Die for more Rebecca Black videos. We’re just sad her two pals standing dangerously in the backseat of that convertible with her didn’t make a cameo.