The Lonely Island Is Cockier Than Ever In Their New Video “We’re Back!”

Idolator Staff | April 2, 2011 10:53 am

Reproductive organs compared to a melted stick of butter. CGI Garfield licking CGI Marmaduke in an unmentionable area. The line “I got Hepatitis C from a horse, but no confusion / It wasn’t from the sex, it was a blood transfusion.” Either Ark Music Factory has undergone some major restaffing of their songwriters, or SNL’s in-house rappers The Lonely Island are back with the appropriately titled single “We’re Back!” The Grammy-nominated trio dropped by Jimmy Kimmel last night to premiere the genitalia-themed “We’re Back!” video from their forthcoming LP Turtleneck & Chain, due in June. Is it an instant classic like “I’m On A Boat”? Decide for yourself below.

As usual with this debaucherous trio, there is plenty of striking imagery and a few quotable lines we expect to hear referenced in daily conversation in the near future. We especially like the way these creeps put their parody spin on the way so many legit rappers brag about their sexual prowess — here, the boys take the opposite approach but with the same in-your-face cocky swagger. It’s pretty hilarious.

And while we don’t think “We’re Back!” is quite as memorable as some of the group’s other offerings — it’s not as easy to get stuck in your head as “Jizz In My Pants” (which might be a good thing) — it definitely has us looking forward to a full album of “Garfield sex music.”