Natalia Kills (Kind Of) Says It’s Okay To Illegally Download Her Album

Idolator Staff | April 3, 2011 12:33 pm

In a recent interview, “Wonderland” dweller Natalia Kills faced the music regarding the reality of fans illegally downloading her forthcoming album Perfectionist. “It’s coming out in the UK on the 18th of July. You’ll be able to hear it on the internet before then, obviously,” she says with a smile, before sharing further thoughts on how pirating albums affects an artists’ career. Watch the heart activator spill her thoughts on this, her love for Robyn and Nicki Minaj, her hate for the beach, and more (all while wearing some really awesome sunglasses) after the jump.

While the ravishing “Raven” would obviously prefer (and definitely deserves) fans to purchase her music, it’s refreshing to hear an artist take such a pragmatic approach to this dilemma and discuss how it may affect the quality of future videos and tours.

(Still, we’re pretty sure that, no matter what, the quality of Natalia Kills’ future offerings will be way above par. Check the Cherrytree site for a video of her recent appearance on Germany’s Schlag den Raab program.)