Kylie Minogue Talks To Us About What’s Next For Her, Following Her Les Folies Tour

Robbie Daw | April 5, 2011 2:36 pm

If you haven’t yet snatched up your tickets to see Kylie Minogue’s Les Folies tour, which is hitting U.S. shores at the end of this month, you might want to do so pronto—because as our favorite saucy Aussie told us today, this might be the last chance fans get to see her multi-million dollar pop spectacle on a large stage for some time. “I don’t know how soon I would rush in to doing another pop album,” Kylie, who released her 11th LP Aphrodite last summer, told said over the phone. “I’m definitely looking into opportunities of collaborations or different performances that will keep fans satisfied, keep my interest up. And one of those things is the possibility of doing an anti-tour.” Anti-tour? Find out what she’s hinting at below! Over the past year, Minogue released three single that topped the Billboard dance charts—“All The Lovers,” “Get Outta My Way” and “Better Than Today.” And staging energetic dance numbers like those often turns into quite an extravaganza for the international pop queen.

“Because my tours are bigger and bigger, there’s so much talk about the spectacle—and that’s fantastic, that’s what I want to create,” Kylie said. “But I feel like, as with all parts of my life, what I try to do is find a balance.”

That balance involves an idea for a special run of gigs she’s had in mind for some time, which would involve her digging through her extensive back catalog, plucking the lesser known (and unreleased) material and presenting it in an intimate stage show for her loyal followers.

“I’ve never done anything like that before, something like an anti-tour where there are no dancers, there are no lights. It’s just music and doing songs that are much loved by super fans but will never, ever, ever be heard anywhere—and certainly not in a live environment,” Minogue explained. “I’m talking about B-sides or songs that were never meant to see the light of day, songs that were leaked but turned out to be quite popular. Certain covers I’ve done. Covers I haven’t yet done. I think it would be really cool to be in a tiny, tiny venue, maybe to like a week’s run somewhere and just strip everything back—just do songs that uber-fans would cry for. Not songs that I can do in this kind of environment, like the tour that I’m on now.”

Kylie’s current tour, Les Folies—inspired by the classic Ziegfeld Follies—has her kicking off a month-long North American leg in Montreal on April 28 and eventually wrapping things up on these shores in Las Vegas on May 22. The production is currently traveling through Europe, and once Minogue leaves the States she treks to her home country of Australia.

Still, she’s hoping to make her plans for a more intimate type of show—or, as she calls it, anti-tour—a reality some time in the future. “That’s one of a few different ideas, but that’s one that I think we could probably pull together without too much fuss,” Kylie says. “I think the hard thing would be choosing the songs.”

Might we suggest starting with the unreleased “Flower”?