Lady Gaga Announces “Judas” Release Date In ‘Gagavision No. 41’

Robbie Daw | April 6, 2011 7:19 am

Late last night Lady Gaga treated her fans to a brand new Gagavision video (No. 41), which showed the Born This Way singer getting ready for a concert, confronting a religious protester outside the venue she was playing at and taking part in dance rehearsal for her “Judas” video. She also revealed the date we can expect to hear the single. (Oh, yeah—and we get to see her boobs.) Watch below. In the video, Gaga, who’s sitting inside a car, rolls down the window and introduces herself to a fundamentalist outside her show. He hands her a “Get Out Of Hell Free” card and says, “That’s gonna happen one day, darlin’.”

Gaga tells him, “We really believe in God at my show.” His response: “Yeah, well your pervert ways don’t quite equate to what God is all about, darlin’ … You know, the homo stuff.”

When she informs him that she went to Catholic school for 13 years, he replies, “That’s probably most of your problem. You got raised in a screwy religion.”

Well! Later in the clip it’s noted that “Judas is coming—let the cultural baptism begin” as a date of April 19 appears. Gaga’s album Born This Way, which was voted the most anticipated LP of the year by Idolator readers, is scheduled for a May 23 release. We’ll take a wild guess that the dude with the religious hang-ups won’t be picking up a copy?

What did you think of Gaga’s attempt to engage the protestor outside her show in a dialogue about religion?