New Grammy Rules: Fewer Awards For Everybody!

Becky Bain | April 6, 2011 3:57 pm

All awards shows are pressured by naysayers and critics to keep revitalizing the show to keep the interest of the viewing public, and the Grammy Academy is caving in to make some serious changes. The Grammys will be cutting over 30 categories altogether and combining others, including some major ones. Get ready for artists to get even more competitive than they already are!

Last year, the Grammys altered a few rules, including the eligibility requirements to be nominated for Best New Artist. Those minimal changes we could agree with and felt right. But this year, it seems like they’re attempting to turn an award that many don’t find that impressive to be honored with into something far more difficult to obtain.

Here’s a round-up of some of the category shifts and cuts, and how this may change things in the long run:

**Pop stars, both male and female, will be judged in one pop solo category. Good luck, fellas. Chances are the females will be dominating this category year after year.

**Pop collaborations will merge with pop duos and groups.We’re not sure how much this merge sense this makes. A pop collaboration is more of a one-time thing, and it goes up against groups who have been performing together as a unit for years. Or does any of that even matter to voters?

**Rock soloists and groups are now lumped in one big rock category together. Same goes for solo rap artists and groups. Why combine solo artists and groups in these categories, but not for pop?

**R&B female and male acts, as well as duos/groups, will compete against one another in one category. Again, solo pop stars and pop groups get separate categories, but not R&B?

**No more urban, alternative or contemporary categories at all. The change of niche and smaller artists and acts winning awards and recognition get reduced drastically.

**Instrumental track categories are eliminated.You probably don’t care much about this, but Yanni is probably pouting right about now.

Do these changes (you can view them all here) seem practical or wise to you? Or does this seem like a haphazard attempt at tweaking the show without actually succeeding in honoring the best in music in a more appropriate fashion?